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Sebeurčení evropských regionů a národů

Self-determination of European regions and peoples
Conference, Brno, Moravia, 30th September 2016

The question of the self-determination of European regions and stateless nations has recently become an important topic of European politics. Many regions such as Scotland, Catalonia,
Corsica or Bavaria call for independence, other regions such as Moravia, Silesia or Transylvania call for some kind of real autonomy, other stateless nations and minorities such as Lausatian Serbs would be satisfied with some kind of cultural and political recognition. European Free Alliance is the European Political party at the European Level representing most of the national regionalists and autonomists. The vision of this movement is the Europe of the peoples. To make this vision true, it is necessary to explain the idea of this movement in all parts of Europe and to persuade the citizens that regionalism, decentralization, independence, cultural and linguistic equality and the implementation of the right of selfdetermination are the key elements for the survival of the European Union. Therefore, we would like to invite representatives of the EFA member party to this conference, which takes place in the Moravian capital of Brno on 30th September 2016. All the papers dealing with the particular regions and nations and their specific ways to their determinations are welcomed. The presentations can be focused on politic circumstances as well as on history, economy or sociology. We are looking forward to all kinds of the papers describing the way to selfdetermination of your region or nation. The length of each lecture is restricted to 20 minutes (15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion). We can offer a reimbursement of travel costs for all presenting participants. Accommodation, catering and dinner will be covered by the organizers. The language of the conference is English and Czech. All English presentations will be simultaneously translated to Czech language and vice versa.